Welcome Home!


Working in property management has been an eye-opener for me.  I realize how important having a home is for people.  It’s natural to want a safe “harbor” to retreat to at the end of the day.  Whether you’re an owner living in a home, tenant renting a home, or investor providing a home for others, a person’s need for a sanctuary remains the same.

Property managers walk a fine line between protecting an owner’s investment while meeting the needs (not all the “wants”) of a tenant.  Certainly, no two people maintain a house the same way (if your mother was a “neatnik,” you will probably be a “neatnik” too). Conversely, the same is true.

I’ve grown to respect the property management industry for being respectful and fair problem solvers, even as tensions rise over unreasonable expectations.  We are experts for a specialized industry, one which few real estate agents have experience in.

When I say “welcome home,” I’m speaking to a broader audience than sales agents.  I’m speaking to owners, tenants, and future owners and tenants, as well.  I’m pleased as punch about that, too!


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