The Pool and Pipes Caused the Cop Legal Problems


On January 31st, 2011, the eve of the coldest arctic freeze in DFW history, our office received an email after business hours at 11:08 p.m. The email from the tenant told us that the house had been vacated and the utilities had been turned off. We did not see the email until after our office opened on the morning of February 1st.

The house rented for $1900.00 a month and had a pool. The relevant fact is not the cost of the rent, but rather the pool and the house plumbing. There was nothing we could do but go to the house and assess damage. When we got to the house we found what we really didn’t have to go there to know- the pool pump had frozen and so had all of the water lines going into the house.

We had rented this house to a police officer and his wife. They had signed a 2 year lease. They were in the house just over 4 months.

We did a thorough background check on the both officer and his wife. They did have blemished credit. Their employment was long and strong, though. All in all, there was enough good that we didn’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be good residents for the house. A police officer and police officer’s wife are always going to do what is right, right?

I am very puzzled, still. Why would grown people, not to mention one of them being an officer of the law, skip out on a lease in the middle of an arctic freeze and show no respect for another’s property by letting the house and pool freeze?

This story has not ended. On the owner’s behalf, we have filed suit for damages in small claims court. We had no forwarding address for the couple, but did have their application telling us where the officer worked. He was served Notice of Suit at the police station where he worked; the case will be heard on August 24th, more 1 ½ years after the incident happening on the coldest day in DFW history.

I’ll give you an update after the case has been heard.

Until next time,


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