The Pit Bull that Answered the Door


There are certain breeds of dogs that we do not allow on our properties, even temporarily. One of them is the Pit Bull. I realize that not all Pit Bulls are vicious. However, Pit Bulls have a notorious reputation and because of it, many insurance companies will cancel an owner’s insurance if a Pit Bull is found on a property. Thus, it is our policy to not allow them on our properties at all.

A bloodcurdling meeting I had with a Pit Bull came early in my career as president of the newly-founded Efurd Properties. An owner of a small apartment complex had hired us to take over management of his building and supply answers for the misgivings he had developed toward his tenants. On my first trip to survey the property, I took keys for the doors and a trusted contractor to help evaluate the cost of any repair that may be found.

I knocked on the door of Apartment #1. After a minute of knocking and getting no response, I used the key to unlock the door. I cracked open the door and hollered through the opening, “Property Manager!” Still receiving no response, I opened the door fully. The contractor was standing behind me. At that moment I had one of the biggest scares of my life. I saw a Pit Bull charging at me, full steam ahead. I had little time to react, but was able to close the door just in time, and heard the sound of the Pit Bull’s body slamming into the other side of the door, helping the door latch into its place.

When I looked around, I saw that the contractor was nowhere to be seen. After I did catch up with him outside the building, I asked him what happened. He said, “My obligation ended when I saw that it was a Pit Bull”. The contractor had taken little hesitation in his retreat.

We got the city’s animal control to remove the dog. When we were able to get inside the unit, we saw that the tenant of Apartment #1 had skipped on his lease and had in fact abandoned the Pit Bull, leaving him with no food and no way out of the building. Fortunately, there had been water for the Pit Bull in the water closet. As frightening as the encounter was, it was the rescue the dog needed.

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