Take Precautions NOW for Future Storms


Spring is definitely upon us … early this year.  Every year severe weather can rage across North Texas. Damage from high winds, tornados, lightning, large hail and flooding can cause major and minor disasters. The time is NOW to take the time to prepare for the inevitable BEFORE severe weather kicks into high gear.

As property owners, it’s important to safeguard your investment property with sufficient insurance coverage.  Roofs, damaged fences, damage from tornadoes can run into the multiple of thousands.  It’s better to be safe than sorry with hazard insurance.

Check your properties every year.  Have the roofs been checked to withstand a new hailstorm, summer heat, strong winds?  Have flashings been checked on roof and around chimneys?  Have trees been trimmed and thinned to avoid their brushing against the structure (this can save you money on insurance rates) and to withstand strong winds?  Have the fascia, soffit, siding been checked to prevent access for “critters”?  Have all electrical wires to property been tightened?  What’s the condition of the fence?  Is it sturdy, or will it fall down if you brush up against it?

What about your AC and furnace?  Has it been checked for any problems, leaks, coolant?  If you have an older system that uses R-22 refrigerant (which is being phased out), perhaps you should consider investing in a new unit that uses 410a refrigerant.  Phased out refrigerant and equipment is becoming cost-prohibitive, and trying to keep an old horse going may nickel and dime you to death.

Pools should also be routinely checked for efficiency and leaks of equipment and the pools.  Pergolas and covered patios should also be checked for sturdiness.  If winds get high enough, part of your structures could end up in your neighbor’s yard(s).

Efurd Properties can help you protect your property.  Just give us a call – 972-572-5656 – we answer the phone or call you back – it’s a promise!

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