Starting From Scratch


Having quit my job, it was a little intimidating when I realized I was in the property management business for myself and had no houses to manage, except for the 1 one-bedroom condo that my wife owned. However, that lone property did offer a net income of $60.00 a month which we had been paying the property management company for which I had previously worked.

Quitting my job meant giving up 100% of my income. My wife Debby was okay with it until the first time I didn’t get the paycheck we were used to having direct-deposited each month over the past seven years. Still, it seemed that things were happening for a reason.

During my time with the other company, I had joined industry associations and offered service in various capacities. In my final year of working for the company, I had become the president of the Dallas Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). I became known to many industry leaders of property management across the United State. Recognition came naturally because my work as president of the local NARPM chapter, resulted in my being asked to emcee the annual NARPM national convention in Salt Lake City.

I was a property manager emceeing a convention full of property managers; I had no properties to manage. It has been said that if you say and believe you have humility, it is probably truer that you don’t. I can’t fully explain how Efurd Properties has developed, except that I try to live by the mantra, “It is my endeavor to always live with enthusiasm and to always serve without thought of self.” Having made this mantra a part of my core belief system and taking the action that it speaks, it seems that good things are always happening in my life and no less true is this than what happened at the convention.

Being in service is a wonderful thing. Because of service, our chapter received much recognition at the 2005 convention. We were in the running for Chapter of the Year; one of our members received “Volunteer of the Year” award, another earned the “Rocky Maxwell Award”, an honor given for the best contributing newcomer. I received the “Presidents Award”, a prestigious award that had previously never been given to anyone other than a past national president.

The service and ultimate recognition produced something else for me. I was asked to promote a state convention for property managers. I was paid a large sum of money in advance for my effort. The money helped my wife and I sustain during the early days of Efurd Properties. I believe that service must come first. The byproduct of service is money, recognition, security and good relationships, to name a few.

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