Up In Smoke


We recently had a devastating fire in one the homes we manage. No one was hurt. In fact, the house was vacant. Fortunately, the owner had good insurance and the house will be fully restored, even to a better state than before the fire.

The fire was a result of arson. There was no way to tell without a doubt how the fire was set, but it was suspected by the fire marshal that a handheld propane torch was the tool used by the arsonist to set the fire.

The fire marshal said further, that there had been an outbreak of arson in the neighborhood and that all of the houses that had burned in the neighborhood were vacant houses, both for rent and for sale houses.

Conclusion: in some neighborhoods, it is best not to place for sale or for rent signs in yards. We are no longer placing signs in certain neighborhoods that are attractive to the criminal world of arson, copper and condenser theft, and vandalism.

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