Show Me the Money


A lot of times we never know where we are going until we get there. We can make plans, but in the course of going, happenstance can take us to an entirely different place. I have found this to be true in my life.

It was four months after registering Efurd Properties with the state before I landed my first house to manage, besides the one condo of our own, with which we had started. It came to me through a good friend and colleague. The house was a two-story, 4-bedroom, 2 ½ bath, 2-car garage home located in Rockwall, Texas. It rented for $1350 a month. You cannot imagine how happy Debby and I were when we got that property into our inventory and when we received our first commission.

After I had received the referral, I called the owner, Mrs. Geary, and started the conversation by telling her about our service. And then came the dreaded question: “Well, Mr. Efurd, just how many properties do you manage”?

Instead of telling Mrs. Geary about the one property we managed, I said, “You know Mrs. Geary- I will be your Jerry McGuire. And you will be my Rod Tidwell.” Jerry McGuire is a favorite movie of mine, and as it turned out, one of Mrs. Geary’s favorites, too. I identify with Jerry McGuire quite a bit — Jerry embarks on an quite an adventure when he loses his job at a major sports management agency, and starts his own company. He takes with him to his new company, one lone client, Rod Tidwell.

Mrs. Geary appreciated my candidness, and took a chance on me by responding with, “Mr. Efurd that will be fine with me, let’s get started.” We managed the house for Mrs. Geary for 6 years and eventually sold it for her in 2011. And like Rod Tidwell was for Jerry McGuire, Mrs. Geary will always be an important part of our company’s story. She will always be our first client, and we are grateful she decided to put her trust in us as her property management company.

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