Settling a Dispute


This is an actual letter. It takes time, investigation, thought and some finesse, but primarily a straightforward approach to settle disputes. This dispute had been ongoing for several months before we took over management of the property. The owner of the house, to whom this letter was sent, responded and agreed with our approach. It’s working so far. I’ll give you an update.

Hi, Mr. Owner.

I went to the property and met with the tenants. They seem to be settled down now that the pool has been repaired, but they still want to be compensated. When I spoke with them last Friday, I gleaned that they will sign another 12-month agreement so long as they feel they are being compensated fairly for the inconvenience of not being able to enjoy the pool and backyard space for several months.

What do you consider as fair compensation? I believe they have backed off of asking for $600.00 a month credit for the 4 months of not being able to use the pool.

Here is a summary of the items to be done:

– Repair the running toilet.
– Ask our in-house plumber, who is handy, to install a simple door knob on the laundry bi-fold door while he is there for the toilet repair.
– Get an estimate for sod placement and tree-trimming from our landscape company, who can do both and make proper recommendations.
– Have the chimney cleaned and inspected by a certified company. I have spoken to 3 of them already. All are about the same cost and do about the same thing on inspections, by looking for loose brick and mortar (inside and out), soot build up, proper operation of the damper, proper operation of gas jets (cleaning them) and clean fire box and chimney flue.

The way to work this, and to avoid continued tenant unrest, is to leverage the work you are going to do and the settlement amount for the pool. In other words, offer a package and do everything at once. It will cost you less, make the tenants happy, possibly garner an extended 12-month lease, and improve the condition and safety of the home.

You will be thousands of dollars ahead if we get the tenants to sign a new lease. I believe we will be able to settle for much less than their original request for $600 a month for 4 months. You can tell that in their message below. What you will be doing along with the work is creating good will.

I work for you, so I would be remiss if I didn’t say, these tenants are nice people and as good as I have ever seen.

I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

Enjoy your day,


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