An Ounce of Prevention



My parents told me (almost daily) – “don’t postpone until tomorrow what needs to be done today.”  That has served me well in just about every area of life, personal as well as professional.


For instance, the day of Christmas (December 26, 2015), very severe storms hit North Texas, spawning 11 tornadoes.  There was catastrophic damage in several counties.  While you cannot “tornado-proof” a home, you can “weather-proof” a home to withstand high winds and heavy rains.  Annual inspections of roof, gutters, fences, and tree-pruning can help your personal or investment property withstand the elements of summer, winter, and periodic storms.


If you’re purchasing a property as an investment, get a qualified property inspection performed to check out the foundation, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, flooring, checking for history of water damage, any code violations, etc.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Also, metal posts for fences withstand the extremes of Texas seasons.  Wood posts last half the time of a metal post.  This will help prevent fences collapsing in strong winds.  In addition, staining the wood can help the life of the fence by preventing wood rot.


Regular property maintenance is as important as your annual physical or your financial check-ups.  I guess my parents knew what they were talking about.


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