A Message from City Hall


The mayor’s office said, “Clean it up or we’ll place a lien on it”. A city official from one of our neighboring suburbs, under the direction of the mayor of the city, called our office today with this wake-up statement regarding one of our properties. They also emailed us several photos of stacks of tires, boxes with clothing spilling over the top and on to the ground, tarp-covered furniture, and broken-down cars. All of it was shown stacked, strewn, and cluttered all around the outside of our house.

The tenants moved in only three months ago. The story from the tenant was that they had become ill and disabled, and that their income had been cut to receiving only disability checks; since they were sick, they were physically unable to properly store and clean it all up.

The city listened and gave our tenants 10 days to clean it up or face a fine. The tenants are also facing an eviction filing from our office. We are going along with the city by giving the same 10 days; we will file the eviction if the tenants do not make the deadline in cleaning it all up.

In this case, no matter the reasons of health and income the tenants have given, the adage “you can’t fight city hall”, is relevant. Hopefully our tenants will be able to get the job done. As far as paying the rent on time every month, we have no better residents.

I’ll give you an update as soon as I know more.

Until next time,


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