It’s the Little Things That Count


A trend we are seeing in property management is growing requests for window screens.  Having lived in Texas all my life, I am used to the weather extremes, so at first I thought this request was unusual.  Taking a step back I now see it’s not such an unusual request at all.

The majority of our tenants are from other states and other countries.  They are accustomed to opening a window to enjoy the breeze.  I grew up without air conditioning in homes and schools.  I would run to get a place by the window at school on the first day.  That was the coolest spot in the classroom.

High utility costs also drive the need for usable window screens.  We are all on a budget, some more stringent than others, and every penny counts.  Being able to shut off your air conditioning for a month or two saves big bucks.

Does your personal residence and investment properties have window screens?  Are they damaged or broken?  A little bit of investment in this area could save you a lot in the future.


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