Let the Buyer Beware



The strangest things happen in the marketplace.  I suppose that’s what happens when you are dealing with people.  Like it or not, there are those who want to take something for nothing.  Scams occur every day and the property management industry gets hit, too.

Just recently an unknown “real estate professional” tried to lease a house to some young ladies.  He posed as a real estate agent, had documents for them to sign, and took their cash – all $2500 of it.  Problem is, he was not the legal representative of the owner, had no legal rights to do what he did, and now he’s on the run from federal and local law enforcement.  Unfortunately, the young ladies have lost their money and have no place to live.

Another incident occurred when “appliance brokers” tried to sell new appliances from a real estate listing.  These “appliance brokers” connected with prospective purchasers through an online app and set a time to pick up the appliances.  Fortunately for the property owner, the real estate agent had been tipped off and called the police.  The “appliance brokers” were caught in a sting operation and now sit quietly in jail.

The global market is now, by and large, driven by online purchases.  Be very careful when you connect with a company online – check them out and verify their credentials.  It’s true you don’t get something for nothing, so let the buyer beware.

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