HVAC Industry Changes


Efurd Properties strives to stay on top of industry changes that affects our industry and managed properties.  We send notices to our owners alerting them of changes that could affect their bottom line.  This is one of those industry updates that affects air conditioning and heating units.

In 2007, the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) began a phase-out of R-22 (refrigerant) air conditioning units. Each year less R-22 is produced. This year the EPA has cut over half of the R-22 production. As a result, prices are now at record highs and expected to go even higher.

When the R-22 phase-out started, manufacturers found a loop-hole under the EPA guidelines allowing them to continue production of outdoor units with no refrigerant (“dry charge systems”). This “loop-hole” is no longer an option. As manufacturers run out of R-22 stock, production will cease. We have been informed that suppliers estimate they will run out of stock by June, 2015.

If and/or when current R-22 systems start to leak or compressor failure occurs, system replacement should be considered. If coils start leaking on an outdoor unit, the system will need to be changed, because there are no more dry charge systems.

Efurd Properties always tries to stay current on industry trends affecting property management and home ownership.


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