Getting Started

Property Owners – Getting Started

The first step is to determine what a reasonable rental rate would be for your property. The rental market fluctuates. Come to us and you will not be an investor who purchased property with unrealistic property values. It happens all the time that investors are misled by unscrupulous realtors, sellers, builders and lenders.

Efurd Properties conducts a thorough market analysis for every property. You need to know what to expect in order to make informed decisions. That’s what we’re here for. It is what we do.

We explain step-by-step what we do for you, what you pay us for what we do for you, and the benefits of hiring an accredited specialist to get your property leased quickly and cared for continuously.

Efurd Properties Quick Facts

  • Less than 1% of our tenants pay late
  • Less than 1% damage beyond the security deposit
  • Less than 1% will not fulfill the terms of their lease
  • Less than 1% will be evicted
  • Only 2% – 7% vacancy rate maintained since 2005 – a direct result of strong marketing practices
  • Over 60 venues of marketing for every house
  • With the main element of price, location, condition, availability and marketing in place, in most cases we rent houses in less than 30 days

We answer the phone and always return our calls, emails too… it is a promise!