Garage Door Drama


This is strange. About a month ago, a tenant was backing out of the garage at one of our higher-end rental properties. The emergency release rope of the garage door tangled and tied itself to the luggage rack atop the vehicle. It was too late by the time the tenant could break and stop. The garage door had been pulled loose from its roller tracks and 2 lower panels of the garage door were bent and damaged.

I received an emergency call, after regular business hours, from the tenant that Saturday afternoon. After explaining to the tenant that she would be responsible for the emergency call; after being given the price, she decided that it wasn’t such an emergency, and that the matter could wait until Monday. On Monday our garage door man went to the property and repaired the garage door so that it was operational and later gave me a price for what a full repair and replacement of the 2 damaged panels would cost.

Can you believe it? Our lease is clear and the tenants were told in writing, soon after the happening, that the landlord is the sole decision maker on contractor choice and materials used. Without authority, this tenant then hired an outside company to make the repair on the garage door, sent me a paid repair invoice and had his attorney send a demand letter asking for the landlord to pay for cost of damages.

This is a first for me. It’s happening right now. I will inform you later when the matter has been resolved.

Until next time,


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