Dependence Upon People


If we want to do anything in life, we will find ourselve in dependence upon, relying upon, and in need of other people. People make up some of the most important parts of our lives. Take our families, for instance. Consider our mothers, fathers, wives, children, grandchildren, and those who have passed on before us. Consider this story:

My immediate family, consisting of my wife Debby, me, our 3 children, their spouses, and our 6 grandchildren, recently took a vacation to a wintry resort in the tiny town of Angel Fire, New Mexico. We rented a cabin 4 blocks from the ski slopes. The cabin was spacious and picturesque, and furnished with everything we needed to enjoy our stay, from cooking utensils, bath towels, and firewood for the fire we never let die during our 5 day stay. About all that we brought was food, warm clothing, and our skis. Even then, we stopped in the tiny village store for a lot of the food we ate, and we rented ski equipment for those of us who didn’t have any. Everything was there for us. There was all that we needed to sustain us and keep us warm and safe.

How did that happen? A lot of people were involved. Someone cut the wood, made the clothing, raised and harvested the food and got it to the stores, built the cabin, placed furnishings, and generated the electricity. You get the picture. People make life possible. People make life richer and fuller and are essential to our daily existence. And above that, the snow came from Heaven, the trees were formed from the earth, the sun that lit the day came from a place of unapproachable understanding, and the starlit darkness that magnified a higher presence was as beautiful as the eyes of innocent and wonder-filled children.

We are all children of the universe, dependent upon each other as night is to the day, with marked differences in each of us. Think not that we are independent lives. Were it not for the watchmaker, we could not even tell time.

Until next time,
Cary Efurd

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