Death and Taxes



As far back as I can remember my father would always say, “In this world nothing can said to be certain except for death and taxes.”  As an adult, I later learned that statement was from Benjamin Franklin, not my father.  Either way, whoever said it is right about death, but taxes can be reduced.  That is music to ears of investors who have seen property taxes increase dramatically over the last few years.

Any property owner has the right to dispute their tax value.  Each year you are notified of the tax computation by March or April and you have until the end of May to appeal that amount.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not.  This is where a property tax expert comes in handy.

The ones we recommend take a low percentage of the amount of valuation they save you.  If they don’t lower the tax, you don’t owe them a dime.  Others work on a flat fee basis.

It’s worth it to investors to take a hard look at all expenses, especially tax values.   Keeping a healthy return on your investment is important to your bottom line.

As always, Efurd Properties is here to help you in all aspects of property management, sales and maintenance.  Give us a call – we’re easy to reach and always return our calls (emails, too)!

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