A Day In Court

Day in Court

We were in small claims court recently representing an owner over a security deposit dispute and damage to their property. After four hours of waiting our turn to appear in front of the JP, we were patient while the plaintiff presented her case, then it was our turn.

We were well prepared. Copies of all written agreements, correspondence, repair receipts, photographs documenting both the move-in condition and the move-out condition, as well as physical evidence and photos from the owners, were presented to the judge in an orderly manner. The judge dismissed the case.

Efurd Properties does not go to court very often. However, when we do, we try to be reasonable, objective and fair while at the same time protecting our client – the owner of the property. We have a fiduciary responsibility to our client and we recognize its importance. This recent experience is a good reminder why it’s important to document, document, document everything! The same goes for business, financial and legal transactions, both personally and professionally, for all of us.

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