Business Management Values


The highest value of our company is commitment to its people. At the very basic level we offer fair compensation and job recognition. At a higher level we have a commitment to the welfare and growth of our people.

At the most basic height we compensate our people with a better pay than they can find as the standard in the industry of property management. We “share the wealth” by offering insurance and retirement benefits. On the horizon will come profit sharing. We have reviewed wage and salary scales of the industry and participated in surveys with other property management companies. The results show Efurd Properties to be at the top of the list in compensation for the various positions of duty. We ensure that the compensation for every position is not only fair, but perceived as fair. We link compensation directly with performance for every job.

At the next level we ensure that our staff is well trained, and have the skills and knowledge to completely carry out their jobs. How much or how often do we train our people? As much and as often as possible, and we keep on training them. If you have a property management business, or any business for that matter, there is no more powerful way to strengthen your people and your company for nonstop growth.

The basic principle of formal training for employees is that it is possible to teach a person in a relatively short period of time the knowledge and skills for a job which others have acquired through long years of work experience.

There is a great deal that could be said about on-the-job training. But, formal training excites and generates enthusiasm in employees because of the involvement with other people in class and the trainers. Employees will return to work energized with new and fresh ideas.

Make the effort then to develop the physical and technical skills of your people through formal training programs. You will be glad you did.

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