Bread & Money


We have all heard of the slang meaning of the word bread. For example, “I need to stop by the bank and get some bread”. The slang meaning of the word bread in this instance is of course “money”. Placing the words “bread” and “money” in their true meanings, the contradiction in terms is that we don’t eat money and we would not typically pay for anything using bread as currency.

Using slang descripts to answer, what do we eat? We eat crow. We eat our words. We eat our hearts out over a defeat. We may gullibly eat up whatever someone tells us. We eat out of someone’s hand. We eat someone alive who is less experienced.

In property management, there are many more reasons for tenants not to pay their rent than “I don’t have any bread” or “we need money to eat (we don’t eat money).”

Except for number 12, the following reasons (all of which I have heard) for not paying rent are ways of saying, “I don’t have money to eat and I don’t have bread to pay the rent”. All of the 16 reasons are contradictions, in their own right, to the terms of a typical lease to pay rent each and every month, on time.

  1. The bank messed up my account.
  2. I lost my job.
  3. I didn’t get my paycheck.
  4. I had to get my car fixed.
  5. I just put the check in the mail today.
  6. I have not had time to go to the bank and get the money order.
  7. I had to buy my kids Christmas presents.
  8. My roommate didn’t pay me his portion.
  9. I had to go to the doctor.
  10. My child support didn’t get paid.
  11. I loaned money to my family and they haven’t paid me back yet.
  12. There is a ghost in the house – I’m moving.
  13. My mother died.
  14. My ex didn’t send the child support.
  15. I didn’t have a stamp.
  16. My family needed money to eat.

It would be interesting to see someone eat a quarter and it would be notable if someone paid rent with a 1,000 loaves of bread. But it would be refreshing for non-paying renters to stop all the excuse-laden rhetoric and simply say, “I don’t have the bread to pay the rent this month, and I need some money to eat.”

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