Behind the 8 Ball


Behind the 8 Ball: A difficult position from which it is unlikely one can escape. In Texas, that’s the position renters find themselves in when a ruling of eviction has been served to them.

Over the past year, our company filed 44% more evictions than we did in the previous year. Some of the eviction filings were not at all the tenants fault. Reasons we hear for not paying the rent are not made up stories. There have been deaths, loss of jobs, sickness, and divorce.

We and our owners always try to work with tenants who are clearly trying to work with us. “Working with us” means paying along and keeping us updated with their situation. But, all said, it is imperative that rent be collected. It’s crucial because owners have mortgages and some rely on the income as their livelihood. When a tenant gets behind on their rent, it is seldom that they will ever get caught up and back on track.

It is unfortunate that I must follow through with evictions. I see families torn apart. Parents send their kids to stay with relatives. Casting blame seems to always be part of the action. One tenant blames the other, and my company (me) is often accused of not doing enough to help make the situation better.

I can sometime delay, but when it comes down to it, I can’t do anything to stop an eviction. I am behind the 8 ball, too.

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