Adventures in Property Management


Working in property management since 1998, I’ve had many adventures. I look forward to sharing Adventures in Property Management with you in the coming weeks. But before I share those stories, I want to share with you a little bit about how I ended up in the property management business.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs on both sides. Since my early twenties, I have owned a pizza parlor, an ice cream parlor, two pool halls, a barbecue and steak house, a catering truck, distributed a paper route, owned a carpet cleaning business and a fire, smoke, and water damage company. These businesses did not work out for me in terms of great monetary profitability; however, all of them did profit me with experience that helps me even today in running the property management company, Efurd Properties, LLC.

I’ve worked for bricklayers, painters, and high-rise construction companies. I’ve worked in food service and in multi-level marketing venues. These too, helped fill voids where experience was needed.

But the job in which I worked that helped me more than anything in the property management business, was working for a large property management company in the DFW area. I initially started as their maintenance supervisor, moved to property management inspector, then to leasing agent, and on to managing one of their seven satellite offices. I worked for the company for seven years, but if years were counted by hours worked in a week, it’d be closer to 14 years of experience in working as a property manager for that company! Being a property manager demands long hours; it is hard work. But it is work I love. It is work I enjoy. And ultimately, it is a career to which I feel called.

My wife Debby and I founded the Efurd family of companies in 2005. Our first Efurd Properties office was the spare bedroom of our home in Duncanville, TX. It didn’t take long before we outgrew the space, moved into an office with a nationally-recognized franchised real estate company, and as our business continued to grow, we earned our own broker’s license and were able to relocate to our current offices, on Main Street in Duncanville. We started with management of 1 one-bedroom condo that belonged to Debby, and have grown to managing more than 400 single-family dwellings at the time of this post.

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