The 2nd Half of the Garage Door Story


Sometimes it’s better to stop the move forward. In a recent post, I told you about a tenant damaging a garage door by running into it with a car, admitting to the damage, and taking the repair matter, unauthorized, into their own hands and afterwards, hiring an attorney to send us a demand letter for us (the owner of the house) to pay for the damages to the garage door. Does this sound ridiculous, or what?

Part of the untold story, and a fact for consideration, is that the monthly rent for this house is more than $4,000. It became in the best interest of the owner for us to inspect the repair to be sure it was acceptable and drop the push to fully execute the lease provisions, which in the extreme could have resulted in eviction.

Fortunately, the repair was well done. After going over the facts and ramifications with the owner of the house, it was decided to let the matter die from lack of attention. I have not heard from the tenant or attorney since making the inspection of the repaired garage door. If they want to move forward with demand of payment, they have little hope of recovery because of the well-written lease agreement and the documentation of our files, with photos and a written report.

There was a stunning effect on me when I got the demand letter from the attorney. It changed the course of my actions and finally resulted in cost of time spent over a month in persuing resolution. I have resolved to being satisfied with having the door repaired, good income on the monthly rent, tenants in place and paying, and the one-of-a-kind experience to share with you.

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